January 2, 2018
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Top Five Signs of 2017

Vol. #1 Issue #1 We did it! Add another year under the ol’ belt! (Side note: is it just me or are Medium-Sized belt getting shorter?)
November 6, 2017
Building of the custom fabricated metal trellis with architectural features

Rite Lite Signs adds flare to Crescent Communities’ New NOVEL NoDa

Rite Lite Signs spent the summer preparing a few architectural elements to add to the experience of Crescent Communities’ new NOVEL NoDa condominium community. Outdoor Trellis
November 1, 2017
Crane Truck and Trailer Transporting Wells Fargo Signs for Install

Sub-Installation for Wells Fargo Locations

We do a lot around our Concord Warehouse, just north of Charlotte, North Carolina. In addition to custom fabrication, we have a team of expert installers
August 4, 2017
custom neon bbq signage wit acrylic cut out letters

Fundamentals of great signage, from the proper sign to the bottom line.

The right exterior sign for your business must send the right message to your potential customers. Successful signage involves more than creating an attractive arrangement of